Today I would like to invite you to be part of a distinct company, born in the Latin American mountains, and which supports the development of a world-class mining industry. The challenge our customers presented us with was very clear and precise: to receive high-standard livability for their workers in remote areas that are complex due to their geographical height, and extreme temperatures and winds. To cope with this, we developed construction systems implying 70% of the buildings to be constructed in a factory, in a controlled environment.

In 1995 Tecno Fast was created by professionals “experts in challenges” all with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Together we developed “megaconstructions” that joined architecture, engineering, manufacturing (including furnishing), transport, mounting, urbanization systems and treatment and generation plants in one single package, to be put into place in record time.

Delivering a finished building that could support the effects of a degree 5 earthquake during transport, equipped with furniture, ready to be occupied, has been essential for our differentiation. Our first project, Collahuasi, in 1996 – a megaproject that today has more than 9,000 beds, located at 3,800 meters above sea level – is an example of this. I still remember visiting the place where it was going to be built.

Likewise, Minera Los Pelambres, which, from the moment it was built, commissioned us to fabricate their complete habitational infrastructure. In 2001, this was the first company to rent us their operations hotel. The same way, our customer Minera Escondida, confided in us since the beginning, and today they have more than 20,000 of our beds. I also remember the construction of Antamina, in Peru, a megaproject that was logistically challenging because of its 5,000meter height above sea level. All these projects witnessed our commitment with our customers and have made us grow.

Today we are one of the world’s five largest manufacturing companies and have been responsible for the engineering, construction and mounting of international projects in faraway places such as Gabon, the Falkland Islands, Bolivia, Cuba and the Columbian jungle. In each point, however far away it seemed, we have deployed all or logistics capacity and delivered up in terms that exceeded all expectations.


In 2007 the flexibility our customers’ needs took us to develop a rental business line, to offer high-standard o_ces “instantaneously”. Currently this fleet (in m2) is equivalent to twice the surface of the Costanera Center building, the highest building in Latin America. A total of 14,000 units distributed in Latin America compiles this service. The summer of 2010 surprised us all with the fifth largest earthquake in the history of humanity, a tragedy that prompted us to go out and help immediately. We donated the modular school of Iloca, which enabled more than 150 children to go back to school two weeks after the disaster.

In 2014 we developed our Village hotels for labor force in mining areas. With its occupation pre-sold to the contracting companies, these facilities guarantee an environment of productivity and safety for all workers. Two years later we came up with the concept “Tecno Fast Home”, an innovative predesigned capsule system (manufactured in stock) that enables each family to build their own tailor-made house of between 60 m2 and 500 m2, a high-standard, economical and very quick solution with a fixed price previously known by the client.

The past financial year we surprised architects and constructors when The past financial year we surprised architects and constructors when we erected the hotel “Los Bronces” for Anglo American, an icon of wood construction, a six-story building never erected anywhere in Latin America. Additionally, Minera Spence requested us to design spaces for 6,300 beds and with Quebrada Blanca Phase II we have been granted acontract for 10,000 beds.

Even though our backlog and pipeline look promising, we want to go for more. We have the technical and commercial capacity to conquer new markets, offering solutions that robotics and our experience make possible. Our m2 available for rent grow at average rates of 20% each year, but Latin America is still virgin in these services and the markets where the solutions have been developed have old and costly units. Besides, we wish to inspire new generations by disruptive products such as Tiny Cabin, an innovative concept unique in the world that has turned lifestyles upside down.

I hereby invite you to share our principles, based on the customer service, safety and comfort we provide our workers and clients with, on the ethics and care for our environment and the support to our communities, thus creating growth and learning opportunities.

One should always offer less and deliver more. That is what we aim for! We are part of the revolution 4.0 and we would like you to accompany us so more and more people and companies can have access to our services. And finally, a very special acknowledgement to all people who have contributed to what Tecno Fast is today: first, our clients, because without them we would not exist, to our dear workers, executives, directors and suppliers and especially to my partners, who contribute every day with their talent, so we can be a better company.

I bid you a warm welcome,
Cristián Goldberg Valenzuela
Chair of the Board of Directors & Founder
Tecno Fast

Cristián Goldberg
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